The Ten Cum-mandments Indoor and Outdoor Silk Posters.


The Ten Cum-mandments Indoor and Outdoor Silk Posters.


Lousiana education system is ranked 47th in the country. State lawmakers sat down and tried to figure out why they were ranked so low, and what they could do to imporve their education system. They decided that their students weren’t underperforming because they were also 41st in fiscal stability, 49th in economy, or 46th in healthcare. The primary issue they identified was the lack of The Ten Commandments in their classrooms.

Taking swift action the state legislature passed HB71 with requires all classrooms to display an 11″X14″ poster of The Ten Commandments in their classrooms. Wanting to help whereever we can, The HiDad Project has designed a poster that meets all the legal requirements of HB71 that also includes a picture of Jesus Christ looking like a whole snack and the Commandments written with a tasteful flourish of penis. Since the schools aren’t legally allowed to purchase the posters and they must be donated, do your part by selecting a school from the list below and have one sent to their address as a gift.


Upgrade any indoor or outdoor space with silk posters. Made to be water and scratch-resistant, you can add your custom ideas to this silk poster and enjoy a photo-realistic finish. Each poster is made with top-grade 200 gsm paper and is printed using high-quality UV inks.

.: Premium heavyweight, semi-gloss 200 gsm paper with silk finish
.: Water and scratch resistant
.: Ideal for indoors and outdoors
.: 19 sizes to choose from
.: Horizontal, vertical and square options available

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